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Friday, June 8, 2012

Tournament #3 Rules Cont.

Each team will be required to complete the official score card for the umpire prior to the game. 
Player’s NUMBER and LAST NAME must be used (no nicknames or first names only.) 
PITCHING RECORDS 1. Each team will be required to complete the official score card for the umpire prior to the game. The official scorekeeper and/or the umpire will record pitching changes. 2. Each team will be required to sign the scorecard at the end of the game making the pitching record final and official. 3. Any scorecard not signed by the coach will become official 1 hour after the end of the game and cannot be changed. 4. Scorecards will be posted on the tournament board for reference by participating coaches. Challenges regarding pitching eligibility are the responsibility of coaches during the game. 
RULES OF CONDUCT Good sportsmanship is expected on and off the field by players and coaches. Un‐sportsmanship like behavior will result in removal from the game and the park. Team manager and coaches must have full control of the players and coaches at all times ‐ on and off the field. NO ABUSIVE BEHAVIOR BY FANS WILL BE TOLERATED. Teams will be responsible for fan conduct. The head coach will be warned of abusive fan behavior. The head coach may be subject to ejection if abusive fan behavior continues along with the abusive fan(s). 
UNIFORMS (coaches will not be required to wear full uniform) 1. For this tournament – we understand that teams are in the process of getting team uniforms. We ask that coaches make every effort to have players wear same color pants, socks, etc. (not required to be matching). Players must wear shirts with numbers. Coaches will not be required to wear full uniform. 
(Full uniform includes: pants, socks, cap and team shirt with numbers that are more than 3" in height and visible at all times when on the playing field.) 2. Appropriate batting helmets are to be worn on deck, at bat, and on the bases. 3. Protests on uniforms will not be allowed. This will be the tournament director's responsibility. 4. Catchers must wear protective gear: mask, chest protector, shin guards, protective cup, catcher’s helmet and throat guard (if protection is not provided by the helmet style). 
LINEUPS 1. All teams will be required to provide both the official scorekeeper and opposing team with a lineup card in batting order containing batters first name, last name, number, starting position and the same of substitutes. 2. Each team will complete the official scorecard for the umpire prior to the game start. 3. POOL PLAY ONLY ‐ teams may choose to bat their entire bench or limit their line‐up to regular Dizzy Dean rules. 4. BRACKET PLAY ‐ teams must follow Dizzy Dean rules and will not be allowed to bat extra players.
SUBSTITUTION RULES AT ALL‐TOURNAMENT PLAYERS PARK 1. ALL SUBSTITUTIONS MUST BE MADE BY THE HEAD COACH TO THE UMPIRE. (All substitutions must be reported on the field not by bookkeepers.) The umpire will only then assure the scorekeeper and the opposing team are informed. Substitutions not reported by the head coach are not official substitutions and are not recorded on the books in the event of a challenge by the opposing team. 2. ALL LINEUP SUBSTITUTIONS IN THE FIELD OR AT BAT MUST BE REPORTED TO THE UMPIRE AT THE TIME OF THE CHANGE. 
GAME BALLS Teams will supply two new balls for each game unless the tournament page on the website indicates 
BAT RULE 2012 
As of January 2012 all tournaments will be run with the following bat rule in place (unless otherwise indicated): 1. All bats used for tournament play are required to have the BBCOR certification label, a BPF 1.15 label or the USSSA certification label visible. The label must be embossed as a permanent part of the bat, not an adhesive label. No bat will be determined legal without this certification stamp. 
For Dizzy Dean
Ages 5‐12 bats must meet 1.15 BPF standards with certification stamp, including 2¼, 2 5/8 and 2 ¾ barrels bats. 
BBCOR bats are legal. 
Molded grips and choke up knobs are illegal 
2. An illegal bat is not determined to be illegal until the batter reaches base (including a walk, error, hit, hit by pitch, etc.) Once a batter reaches base the opposing head coach may call time and challenge the legality of the bat. The umpire will determine if the bat contains a legal BBCOR Certification Label/BPF 1.15 Stamp/USSSA Certification Label. If the bat is determined to be illegal the bat is removed from the game and then the batter is called out. 3. The challenge must occur before the next pitch or the play stands. Should the bat be determined to be illegal the batter will be out. Should the batter advance as a runner or advance existing base runners the batter will be out and runners will return to the base they occupied prior to the at bat. 4. If the player is called out for using an illegal bat a second time during that game the player is ejected from the game. 5. It is the coaches’ responsibility to assure players use only legal bats during competition for safety and fair play. If a team is charged with the use of an illegal bat twice during a tournament the head coach will be ejected from that game and for the remainder of the tournament. 
HOME TEAM 1. Pool play home team will be determined by coin flip. 2. Bracket play home team will be determined by higher seed. 3. During bracket play home team will be in the first base dugout. 
TIE GAMES No games will end in a tie (this rule may be changed if weather becomes a factor in game times). Tie games will be completed under the California rule. 
CALIFORNIA RULE: If game is tied at the end of 6 innings or at the end of official game time, each team will place the player with the last out on second base and play the game from that point under normal rules. Play will continue until a winner is declared. 
SEEDING Seeding will be posted on the website and the bulletin board. 
Win/Loss Record 
Runs Allowed (based on actual score against all teams played) 
Run differential +/‐8 
Head to Head (if two teams tied) 
Coin Flip 

REGULATION GAME 1. Three full innings constitutes a complete game. If home team is ahead then 2 ½ innings constitutes a complete game. If score is tied the determination of a winner is made by reverting back to the previous inning. If all innings are tied a winner will be
determined by a coin flip. 2. Incomplete games will be rescheduled and begin at the point the game was interrupted. 
TAG Runners must slide or make an intentional effort to avoid contact with the player of the opposing team. Malicious contact is determined by the umpire and supersedes obstruction. 
In the case of a disputed play or decision only the head coach may consult game officials. Other players and coaches should not become involved in the discussion unless invited to do so by the field officials at the head coach's request. Umpires have the ultimate decision on the field and will NOT defer to the tournament director. Coaches must abide by the umpires decisions or forfeit the game. 
SPORTSMANSHIP AND EJECTIONS 1. Criticism of referees, coaches, and players by your fans may result in the ejection of the head coach of your team. Please encourage your fans to exhibit good sportsmanship appropriate to youth sports. 2. Inappropriate language will not be tolerated on or off the field. 3. Throwing equipment is an automatic ejection. 4. Anyone ejected must leave the property including the parking lot. Should ejected individual(s) not leave immediately, game will be declared a forfeit. 5. Umpire may end a game and declare forfeit if he deems necessary. 
EJECTION POLICY 1. An umpire may opt to remove a coach from coaching and instruct him to remain in the dugout quietly for the remainder of the game. If he cannot remain quiet he will be ejected, once ejected he cannot coach the next game. 2. A coach who is unable to remain calm and display good sportsmanship may be ejected from the baseball facility for the remainder of the game. This coach may not coach the next game. 3. A coach or fan who threatens an umpire or anyone in the facility is ejected from the park and may not return for the remainder of the tournament. 
MISCELLANEOUS 1. No non‐players or non‐coaches in dugouts, warm‐up area or on fields at any time. This will be enforced. 
2. No photographers or parents with cameras allowed in the lower warm‐up area, dugouts or on the field. 
3. Criticism of referees, coaches, and players by your fans may result in the ejection of the head coach of your team. Please encourage your fans to exhibit good sportsmanship appropriate to youth sports. 4. No soft toss hitting, pepper or throwing against any fences 5. Please help by picking up trash in dugouts after your game. 
UMPIRES: We make every effort to provide professional, experienced, well trained umpires that are regularly reviewed. 1. Umpires at All‐Tournament Players Park are in charge on the field. The tournament director does not participate in rulings made during a game. 2. Umpires request head coaches handle questions on the field by calmly calling time and meeting with the umpire to resolve issues or answer questions. Coaches should handle umpire conversations in an adult manner with calm and with respect. Umpires are expected to do the same. 3. Umpires are expected to work as a team. Once the umpire team makes a ruling, play will begin without undue delay. 4. Umpires will enforce all rules that apply to the game, uniforms, equipment, pitching, etc. without prejudice or favoritism. 5. Continuous conflict and/or delay of game caused by a coach may result in a coach being ejected from the game. An umpire’s warning should be taken seriously. 
SCOREKEEPERS Home team to provide an ADULT bookkeeper to keep the official book at the scorer’s table. Visiting team to provide an ADULT to run the scoreboard. 1. Scorekeepers (including volunteers) are a part of the umpire team. 2. Line‐up changes can only be made on the book by scorekeepers when reported by a coach to the umpire on the field. 3. Scorekeepers do not point out batting out of order, etc. unless it is challenged by a coach to the umpire. Only then will the
scorekeeper be asked to participate in the umpire’s ruling. 4. Coaching and cheering are not permitted in the scorekeeper’s box. 

Tournament #3 Rules

9U, 10U, 11U & 12U DIZZY WARM UP 
Coaches please remember to bring: 
A copy of your roster with player numbers. 
2 new tournament balls per game. Teams may be asked to throw in good used balls. Please have some available. 

A pitcher can pitch in consecutive games in the same day if he does not violate any of the following rules. 
7 inning limit in a day. 
8 innings allowed in a week 
Can throw a maximum of 3 innings and pitch again in the same day or the next day. 
1 pitch over 3 innings the pitcher must take a 48 hours break starting at the time he leaves the game. 
A pitcher may return to the same game once. 
When a pitcher is turned in on a line‐up card he is the pitcher of record and must dispose of a batter. He is charged with 1/3 inning. 
Innings pitched are recorded in 1/3 innings. (Explanation: If a pitcher enters a game he is charged with 1/3 inning until an out is completed, when the next pitch after that out is thrown he is charged with another 1/3 inning and an additional 1/3 if he pitches a pitch after the second out. There can be more than three thirds recorded in an inning if a pitcher is replaced.) 
If a game is delayed a pitcher may continue to pitch the following day only if he has pitched 3 innings or less. 
Pitching over the limit results in leaving the game and a required 48 hour rest. 

Base length is 70 feet 
Pitching distance is 50 feet 
6 inning games 
No lead offs 

If a pitcher, after coming in contact with the pitching rubber, with runner(s) on base, feints a throw to home, plate, a balk will be called, with no one on base a ball will be called. 

Infield fly rule applies for ages 9 and up. 

15 after 3 innings 
10 after 4 innings 

Game time limit 1 hour 30 minutes. (No inning will start after the time limit. The next inning starts at the time of the 3rd out of the previous inning.) 
Semi‐finals and Finals will not have a time limit. 
Slow play and stalling will be considered poor sportsmanship and not be permitted by umpires. Coaches should make every effort to move games along. 

If a player is injured by being hit with a batted ball in the face, throat or head, time will be called immediately and all players will be awarded one (1) base if injury to an infielder, two (2) bases if player injured was an outfielder. Umpire’s judgment call. 
3 strikes is an out even if ball is dropped. 

Coach visits playing field more than twice in one inning per pitcher – pitcher must be removed. 
Coach visits batter more than one time per at bat or three times in an inning – batter must be removed. 

APPEALS: Before next pitch. Manager appeals to the plate umpire. Manager must identify the correct player by name or number and also the correct base involved in the play. NO SECOND CHANCE. Umpire rules safe or out. Play continues. 
PROTEST: There are no protests allowed in this tournament. 

EJECTION (manager, coach or players) In all age groups, the first occurrence results in suspension for the rest of the game (removal from game site) in which ejection occurs and the next scheduled game. The second occurrence during the same tournament results in suspension for the remainder of the tournament. If all coaches listed on the team’s tournament roster are ejected during a game; then the team must forfeit upon the removal of the last coach.
WARM‐UPS No infield warm‐up. Coaches may use the area outside of the baselines in front of the dugouts to hit ground balls. 2. No throwing will be allowed prior to warming up on the field. 3. Warm‐up area between the fields is limited to players and coaches. No siblings or parents allowed in this area. 
BATTING CAGES One batting cage will be provided for each field for warm‐ups. Field 1 is assigned Cage 1. Field 2 is assigned Cage 2. TIME SLOT 
Team listed on left of schedule 
Team listed on right of schedule 
Home Team/Highest Seed 
Visiting Team/Lower Seed 

Tournament #3 Schedule

11U Dizzy Warm Up   June 9th -June 10th


Field 1 Field 2
Saturday     Saturday  
11:00am Powder Springs   vs Eastside   11:00am Dunwoody
vs Kennesaw  
1:00pm Dunwoody   vs Eastside     1:00pm MCLL
vs Kennesaw  
3:00pm     vs     3:00pm MCLL   vs Powder Springs  
Field 1 Field 2
Sunday   Sunday
12:00pm Seed #4   vs Seed #5   2:00pm Seed #2   vs Seed #3  
2:00pm Seed #1   vs Winner Game 1   4:00pm Winner Game 2   vs Winner Game 3  

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Call for Ringgold Pictures

Please upload pictures from the games in Ringgold.  You can upload them to this site, use another picture site, or email a few to me and I will post them.

I saw a bunch of cameras flashing at the trophy ceremony.  Courtney let's see some of those mom-arattzi shots.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

11U Tigers Summer Schedule

  1. June 6 - 10                                      Tournament #3                         All Tournament Players Park
  2. June 11                TBD                   at Sandy Springs                       Sandy Springs

Thursday, January 12, 2012

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